Rugged, Easy-to-Use Performance Analyzers 

E-Series Bench PIM Analyzer iPA Series Portable PIM Analyzer iVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer
e-series-bench-pim-analyzer ipa-series-portable-pim-analyzer iva-cable-antenna-analyzer

  • Optimized for manufacturing test
  • Available for all major wireless telecom bands
  • Fully compliant with IEC PIM test recommendations
  • More than 2500 units in used in manufacturing worldwide

  • Built to support cell site testing and certification
  • Available for all major wireless telecom bands
  • Rugged, lightweight design
  • Meets the test requirements of all major wireless operators
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Remote wireless control available with any Wi-Fi enabled device
  • Powerful reporting tool requires no post-processing of data

  • Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, Distance-To-Fault, and Spectrum Monitoring
  • Frequency range of operation 600Mhz — 2750Mhz