Thermotron Continuity Monitoring System is designed to detect solder and connection faults due to cracks, solder degradation, , contact degradation, misalignment and oxidation.  CMS combined with Thermotron chamber can perform programmable resistance thresholds, durations, counts and temperature for event qualification.

This system promotes accelerated solder joint reliability testing and combines high speed event detection and accurate resistance measurement into one powerful instrument. Connection failures as short as 100 ns can be accurately captured. Thermotron’s CMS meets IPC-SM-785 guidelines for accelerated reliability testing of surface mount attachments and is a perfect test companion for lead free solder joint reliability testing programs.

Number of Monitoring Channels: 352, upgradable  up to 1,056 per rack

The system also is equipped with CMS software allowing a variety of parameters to be specified, on a channel by channel basis, to qualify both the discontinuity and resistance measurements. This software incorporates a graphical user interface for test configuration, control and display of test data.

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