Dynavac manufactures thermal vacuum systems that simulate the harsh conditions of space. Our systems are designed to replicate a variety of environmental conditions and performance criteria for prequalification of space flight hardware.

We offer complete test solutions with comprehensive data collection tools, ensuring your equipment is ready to take flight.

Key Features

  • System sizes range from bench-top units to field-constructed facilities
  • Simulates extreme conditions using a variety of thermal control strategies
  • Upgrades of existing hardware and instrumentation available
  • Global installation and support

Vacuum Chambers & Pumping Systems

We offer test designs and pumping configurations to support an array of test article sizes and shapes as well as performance criteria.

Key Features

  • Standard and custom-engineered chambers
  • Payload support structures and carts
  • Vibration isolation options
  • Solutions for efficient, contamination-free pumping

Thermal Control Hardware

Dynavac’s thermal control hardware provides precision performance and reliability during critical test periods.

Key Features

  • Shrouds
  • Platens
  • Cold Plates
  • Contamination Plates
  • Scavenger Plates
  • High Emissivity Coatings

Thermal Control Strategies

Thermal control strategies are available to support many types of test conditions.

Key Features

  • Closed-loop Gaseous Nitrogen
  • Flooded Liquid Nitrogen
  • Mechanical Refrigeration
  • Gaseous Helium
  • Radiant Heating

Control & Instrumentation

Advanced control systems and instrumentation to enable full monitoring and control at every step of your test program

Key Features

  • Automated control system architecture manages system functions and datalogging
  • Contamination control and monitoring equipment
  • Thermal Data Acquisition Systems
  • Auxiliary Thermal Control Systems