Analysis of emissions in real driving conditions

Growing demand for automobiles demands better vehicles with lesser or zero emissions It is persistent challenge for automotive suppliers.

BS 6 / Euro VI demands stringent emission conditions in passenger vehicles. It has brought in evolutionary changes the way passenger vehicles are designed. In short, controlling emissions in more realistic driving conditions demands many challenges to R&D folks.

V-Motech expertise in PEMS services, we call it RD Easy to make it realistic and easy to our R&D folks.

To support automakers in the regulatory evolution, V-Motech is positioned as a trusted expert. It helps to develop, validate and carry out road tests under real-life conditions.

Emission Analysis

We measure the concentrations of the 5 gases. (THC, NOx, CO, CO, CO2 and O2 and particulate matter)

V-Motech engineers with an overall experience of 100,000 km of RDE testing is at your disposal for a perfect PEMS testing services.

We have 18 PEMS with expert engineers to cater the immediate and growing needs of the industry.

Reproducibility of Cycles

WE support you in validating your pre-requisites throughout your test campaigns. Your development processes will be validated through the different procedures: WLTP, FTP, R83

Combine an on-board emission measuring device (PEMS) and V-ROAD(climatic test bench) allows you to simulate a specific road environment. This allows you to perform your tests under specific climatic conditions while measuring exhaust emissions. (from -30°C to +60°C)

The RDE easy solution allows V-ROAD to add functionality to analyze emissions discharges according to regulatory procedures. This is why you have the possibility to repeat your cycles identically before the development of the clean-up.

Post-processing and analysis

We are committed to providing accurate and detailed analyses.
Data processing is achieved in accordance with bot EMROAD & CLEAR methods (as per RDE-LDV regulation)
We take care of minute analysis such as synchronization of emission measurements with cylinder pressure, consumption, engine control data & Vehicle CAN readings that are CRUCIAL for any PEMS analysis and simplifies the data for R&D folks.