Fatigue test machines produce high speed static, dynamic and fatigue tests to enable researchers to test materials, products and components. Fatigue tests help establish a material or component’s life expectancy under actual service loads.


800 Series Electrodynamic Fatigue Test Machines

Models: 7 force ratings
Full Scale Force Range: 0.5 N to 50 kN (0.1 lbf to 11,250 lbf)
Frequency Ranges: 15 Hz and higher

The 800 Series is a highly modular all electric dynamic test machine that performs slow speed static and high speed dynamic and fatigue tests at forces up to 50 kN (11,250 lbf).

900 Series Servohydraulic Fatigue Test Machines

Models: 5 force ratings
Full Scale Force Range: 5 N to 2 MN (1 lbf to 450 kip)

The 900 Series deliver higher forces with speeds matched to load/stroke performance requirements. They take more power and can perform tests at higher forces and higher speeds than electrodynamic testers.

910 Series ‘Plug n Play’ Servohydraulic Fatigue Test Machines

Models: 3 force ratings
Full Scale Force Range: 5 N to 25 kN (1 lbf to 5,500 lbf)

The 910 Series is a highly integrated standalone servohydraulic test machine that includes an energy efficient power pack.

Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) Test System

Maximum Specimen Temperature: 1,200°C (2,192°F)
Force Capacity: 25 kN – 50 kN (larger sizes available)

Thermomechanical fatigue (TMF) test systems adds the sophistication of performing realistic thermal cycling with mechanical fatigue testing to simulate real-world service conditions of materials and engineered components.

Accessories for Fatigue Test Machines

Environmental Chambers, Furnaces & Baths

  • Environmental chambers for applications between -170°C and 620°C (-275°F and 1,150°F)
  • These chambers can also be used for humidity applications between 10% and 90% RH
  • Furnaces for high temperature applications up to 1,200°C (2,200°F)
  • Bio baths for biological simulated testing environments

Fatigue Grips

  • Wide selection of grips designed for fatigue applications
  • High and low temperature rated options available
  • Fatigue grips can also be used in static applications