Benchtop Test Chambers provide superior performance over a wide range of applications, comply with critical test standards. Several variants are available in benchtop test chambers enabling users select suitable equipment that meet their test conditions based on workspace volume, transition rates and programmable controller capabilities and features like boost cooling and multi-channel data logging. Benchtops are ideal for testing smaller products such as computer components, automobile sensors or cellular phones.


Workspace Volume Temperature Range Humidity Range Temperature Control Tolerance Humidity Control Tolerance *Average Heating Rate *Average Cooling  Rate
.89 cu ft (25 L) +130°C to -40°C 20 to 95% RH ±1.1°C ±2.5% 4.0 °C 2.0 °C
1.2 cu ft (34L) +180°C to -73°C N/A 4.0 °C 3.0°C
1.5 cu ft (42L) +180°C to -73°C N/A 3.5 °C 2.7°C
3.5 cu ft (99L) +110°C to -18°C 20 to 98% RH ±2.5% 1.0 °C 1.0°C
5.5 cu ft (155L) +110°C to -68°C 20 to 98% RH ±2.5% 6.0°C 1.0°C

* * Performance is based upon 60 Hz and 23.9°C (75°F) ambient air, and may vary slightly on 50 Hz power or at other ambient temperatures. The transition range is not common for all the variants, Please contact us for further details or proposal.

Vapor tight interior made of 100% stainless steel Additional Access ports with plugs
Interactive touch-sensitive keypad Controller with a four-line display Additional Shelving
Double silicon gaskets on doors Refrigeration gauges ( Available in 3.5 & 5.5 cu ft variants)
Access port in left side wall  Electrical door interlock ( Only in 5.5 cu ft Variant)
Electrical Service 115 / 230 V, 50 or  60 Hz with AC Single Phase  Thermally Insulated Viewing window
Built-in Ethernet connection CO2 or LN2 Injection System
Powder Coated Exterior Humidity water purification/Recirculation cart system
Product temperature control software ( Only in 5.5 cu ft Variant)
4 channel data logger integrated with Controller display
RS-232/485, GPIB Interface