High Speed Capture Lighting / UV Tester



Lighting systems for automobile crash safety facilities need to satisfy a number of critical requirements to ensure quality high speed photography. We provide lighting system with the best solutions

    • Optimum Light Performance for High Speed Filming         component test system
      White light with 5500K color temperature similar to natural  sunlight
      Excellent color rendering; CRI=92
    • Improved Operation with Quick Start
      Quick start lighting reduces setup time and improves productivity
    • Flicker-Free Lighting for high speed photography
      Square wave inverter power supplies ensure flicker-free lighting
      Flicker-free light is essential for clear photography at high frame speeds
    • High Power Output High-Efficiency Light Source
      High power lamp with luminous flux of 190,000lm
      High-efficiency 95lm/W
      Reduced energy requirements in test facility
    • High Performance Fixtures with 77% Efficiency Rate                                                        set test system
      Fixtures and lamps are designed as an integrated system
      Compact positional light sources provide the ultimate in light system performance
    • 1/5th Heat Transmission of Halogen Lamps
    • Compact positional light sources provide the ultimate in light system performance
    • Dramatically reduces heat transmission to test dummies
    • Creates a more comfortable working environment for improved efficiency


UV Test Chamber dramatically intensifies the deterioration acceleration caused by UV rays. It can achieve an acceleration factor greater than 100 times normal sunlight, producing material effects equivalent to extended outdoor exposure. It is ideal for research and development testing of paints, inks, pigments and fibers as well as plastics.

UV Tester data





Benchtop solar simulators are ideal for studying properties of photo voltaic cells, thin films as per IEC60904-9, JIS C 8912 and JIS C 8933. It is widely used for  solar research and development. Benchtop simulator is unique with its small footprint and yet the wavelength may be expand

benchtop uv testerbenchtop uv combo