Series RLB-40 Resistive Load Banks


Instead of building a test rig with innumerable wires, and risking equipment damage or fire hazard, ED&D has designed and developed a cutting-edge line of Resistive Load Banks.

  • Built-in fans provide sufficient cooling
  • Self-contained unit eliminates hazards due to exposed wiring
  • Fine tuning mechanism allows for ultra precise measurements
  • Units are on casters, providing a portable test station!

RLB-40-240 Load Bank
Load Bank with Current Clamp

  • Grid, wirewound, and helicoil wire wound resistor options for different ohm / wattage / amp needs. Open screened or louvered racks available. Provide your ohm, wattage and amperage specifications for quotation.

Series ACL AC Resistive Loads

Nichrome wire resistive loads

  • Nichrome wire resistive loads are perfect for loading higher voltages, especially line voltages! Open frame design.

Model Voltage Current
ACL-05 120/240V 5.0/2.5A
ACL-10 120/240V 10/5.0A
ACL-15 120/240V 15/7.5A
ACL-20 120/240V 20/10A

PEL Series

The PEL Series is perfect for loading power supplies

  • Electronic loads can greatly simplify the loading process. Constant voltage, constant current and constant resistance settings allow you to simply dial in your desired loading. The integral display gives direct readout. Perfect for loading power supplies. Incorporate overload protection circuitry. Also includes RS-232 and IEEE488 interfaces. Contact ED&D, Inc. for additional details and specifications.

Series RH Rheostats

Adjustable power resistors

  • Rheostats are adjustable power resistors. Perfect for low voltage applications (i.e. 5V, 12V, 24V). The low-cost option for loading. Another benefit is that they can be adjusted under load. Knobs and stands available.

Model Total Ohms Max. Amps Wattage
RH25-1.0 1.0 Ω 5.00A 25W
RH50-0.5 0.5 Ω 10.00A 50W
RH100-3.0 3.0 Ω 5.75A 100W
RH150-5.0 5.0 Ω 5.48A 150W
RH225-2.0 2.0 Ω 10.60A 225W
RH300-3.0 3.0 Ω 10.00A 300W
RH500-1.0 1.0 Ω 22.30A 500W
RH1000-1.5 1.5 Ω 25.8A 1000W