Surface Insulation Resistance Test System is a  turnkey test system for analyzing circuit board failures due to corrosion and other problems with ionic contamination. Thermotron SIR is designed to test up to 256 test coupons on standard test circuit boards, is capable of testing 8 -24 test sites up to 25-256 test sites.

The System is capable of measuring 1MO to 100 Million MO resistance with accuracy. Individual test circuitry enables applying and measuring test voltages to all test suites parallel, resulting significant reduction in test times. The controller can store up to 12 different test procedures in non-volatile memory for easy recall. The controller can also handle test patterns such as IPC B24, B25 and B36.

Thermotron SIR Test System can be used to test as per below test standards. It can do more than listed, if your test is not stated below, please contact us for confirmation of those tests.

IPC-TM 650,BELLCORE TR-NWT-000078,ANSI/J-STD, MIL-F-14256D, IPC-SM 840,ASTM-D-257, IPC-S- 815 CL III, HP-EL-EL861-00