Universal OVEN – XU

Electronics, metallurgy, mechanics:

  • Heat treatment
  • Burning, aging
  • Heat resistance tests

Maximum Temperature:
32, 58, 112, 225, 343, 490, 686 and 980 liters
Corrosion resistant polished stainless steel with rounded corners for easy cleaning.
Electro galvanized steel coated with white and blue paints.

Entry / Access Port:
An entry port of Ø 20 mm diameter with silicon cork is centered on the left side for passing cables or probes.
Interior Lighting:
The light is activated by a switch on the control panel.
Double layered. The exterior is separated by a asbestos-free glass wool and another layer so that exterior and interior are completely separated without any thermal bridge.
Door Sealing:
Silicon seal is used for thermal sealing and is easily replaceable.
By means of sheathed heaters, this eliminates any direct radiation on the specimen in the oven.
Adjustable Air Changes:
Adjustable air outlet allows air exchange from ambient surroundings.

France Etuves C3000 Temperature Controller is in-house developed and built with safety interlocks for product and user safety. Functions:
– Setpoint display and that measured.
– Delayed Start: 1min to 99h59min.
– Heat ramp.
– Heating timer from 0 to 99h59min.
– Repeat loop.
– Buzzer at the end of a cycle.
– Over temperature alarm.

Safety Interlock:
An adjustable and independent safety thermostat (protection class 3.1), with visual and sound alarm.

Shelf Supports:
The oven designed with shelf supports for locating the shelf as desired by the user. (2) Two Shelves are standard supply