They are used for liquid less temperature control and designed for different requirements of analysis in industry, medicine and research.

Liebisch metal block thermostats can be used for performing disintegration, hydrolization, incineration, evaporation or CSB are an example for many other applications. Liebisch Thermostats are made of solid, single piece aluminum blocks that results in high temperature stability and short response times.

Thermostats Salient Features
Labtherm Fixed Heating blocks
Thermobil Interchangeable heating blocks, allow performing different functions
Epptherm Fixed heating block and bore holes especially for heating of 0.2/0.5/1.5/2.0 ml reaction vessels. The working temperature range is designed for use with plastic vessels.
Minitherm Smaller version of the standard units Labtherm, Thermobil and Evaporator is the Minitherm. Functions and features correspond to the larger units.
Evaporator Combined Metal Thermostat and Gasing unit. Useful for heating of samples along with concentration of selected gases of individual samples.
Multivario Up to 20 different functions can be performed by the Multivario, e.g. nitrohydrochliric acid disintegration, cyanide or mercury disintegration.
Friotherm Used in application that demand Heating up to +120°C and Cooling below ambient.
Rotatherm Changeable heating blocks, upto +150°C and adjustable rotation speeds
LT-D The metal block thermostat with “through-view”.
Labtherm-PVC For determination of thermo-stability of PVC according to DIN 53381 part 1 and DIN VDE 0472
Labtherm-Hydro For disintegration of foodstuff samples for Hydroxiprolin determination.
Labtherm-CSB wo temperatures for sample processing according to DIN methods, switchable (with timer)