Data Acquisition

DATAQ Instruments bring over 30 years of instrumentation experience to bear on a wide spectrum of products. These range from stand-alone to pc-connected solutions and measurements that include frequency, voltage, current, temperature, humidity, event, state, count and many others.

Many products support isolation for added safety and measurement fidelity, and solutions exist for both USB and Ethernet implementations. Primary application area include design qualification, process monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting, and life sciences research. Our WinDaq software is a ready-to-run solution requiring no programming that supports all DATAQ Instruments products. Productively acquire data within minutes of opening the box.

USB Data Acquisition Starter Kits

  • Multiple Low-cost modules
  • Incredible price/ performance
  • Free Software & Support
  • USB Port Powered
  • A model for every measurement need
  • ± 10V, Four Channel
  • ±10mv to ±50V
  • Stand Alone capability

Data Acquisition for heavy Industry

  • DI-4730 DAQ & Data Logger
  • 10mv to 1000V measurements
  • USB, Ethernet, POE
  • (8) Isolated Analog Channels to 1000 V
  • 160,000 samples per second
  • Expandable to 128 analogue channels
  • Save data to removable USB or PC
  • 16-bit ADC Resolution

Measure Anything

  • DI-4718B Series Data Acquisition Products
  • Save data to removable USB or PC
  • Measure V, mV, TC, 4-20mA, rms, RTD, rpm, strain etc.,
  • Isolated Inputs
  • Ethernet & USB interface
  • Includes WinDaq Software
  • Expandable to 128 inputs
  • 16-bit ADC Resolution

Voltage & Thermocouple DAQ

  • DI-2008 Series Data Acquisition System
  • 4 or 8 input channels
  • Software selectable function TC or V
  • Measure ±10mv to ±50mv
  • Thermocouple types J, K, T,B,R,S,E,N
  • Expandable to 128 inputs
  • 16-bit ADC Resolution

High Speed Multifunction

  • DI-4000 Series DAQ & Data logger
  • USB, Ethernet, POE Interface
  • 8 Analog Channels & 7 Digital
  • 160,000 samples per second
  • Up to 128 analog inputs with channel stretch
  • Records to USB OR PC
  • 16-bit ADC Resolution

Web Based Data loggers

  • Model DI 808
  • Built in web server
  • Measure V, mV, TC, pulse
  • Emails alarms and data
  • Flexible trigger solutions
  • Records to Servers, USB drives and internal memory

Single or Dual Channel Loggers

  • Lascar Electronics
  • Low-cost single or dual channel
  • Wi-Fi, USB models
  • Battery operated and stand alone
  • Record to cloud or internal memory
  • Programmable high/low alarm thresh holds
  • 21 CFR compliance models

High Speed Low Noise

  • DI-2108-P USB DAQ
  • Gain settings ±2.5, ±5, ±10, 0-5, 0-10 V, Unipolar gain ranges double the resolution
  • Perfect for 4 -20 mA signal
  • 8 analog channels and 7 digital channels
  • 160,000 samples per second
  • Records to USB OR PC
  • 16-bit ADC Resolution