AGREE chambers are available in temperature, temperature/humidity configurations. The chambers can be integrated to Thermotron Electrodynamic shakers, repetitive shock or any standard electrodynamic shakers.Standard temperature transition rates range from 5°C up to 30°C per minute. Faster change rates can be achieved using LN2 or CO2 boost or multiple refrigeration machine sections. Standard AGREE chambers are available from 12 to 168 cubic feet (340 to 4,757 liters), with single / cascade refrigeration system and standard humidity range of 20% to 95% Rh. Thermotron has designed and supplied larger chambers for variety of applications, can customize the equipment per your needs.

Double doors, vertical lift or sliding doors, adjustable height, or floor plug cart assemblies, Thermo-trimmer can be added according to need. Thermotron AGREE chambers are designed for the defense and aerospace industry applications to perform a specific series of temperature, humidity and vibration tests conforming with MIL-STD 781 and 883.

Temperature and Vibration Testing
Model Interior Dimensions
w/h/d inches/cm
Cubic Feet/Liters
Air Change Rates*
-54°C to 71°C
F-12-CHV-5-5 28x28x30/71x71x76 12/340 6°C/min 100lbs.
F-32-CHV-7.5-7.5 40x40x36/102x102x91 32/906 6°C/min 200lbs.
F-32-CHV-15-15 40x40x36/102x102x91 32/906 13°C/min 200lbs.
F-42-CHV-7.5-7.5 54x38x36/137x97x91 42/1,189 5°C/min 100lbs.
F-42-CHV-25-25 54x38x36/137x97x91 42/1,189 15°C/min 200lbs.
F-62-CHV-7.5-7.5 54x54x36/137x137x91 62/1,756 5°C/min 50lbs.
F-62-CHV-15-15 54x54x36/137x137x91 62/1,756 5°C/min 300lbs.
F-62-CHV-25-25 54x54x36/137x137x91 62/1,756 12°C/min 300lbs.
F-82-CHV-7.5-7.5 54x54x48/137x137x122 82/2,322 4°C/min 50lbs.
F-82-CHV-25-25 54x54x48/137x137x122 82/2,322 9°C/min 400lbs.
F-110-CHV-25-25 72x54x48/183x137x122 110/3,117 5°C/min 500lbs.
F-110-CHV-30-30 72x54x48/183x137x122 110/3,117 7°C/min 500lbs.
F-117-CHV-25-25 78x54x48/198x137x122 117/3,313 5°C/min 425lbs.
F-117-CHV-30-30 78x54x48/198x137x122 117/3,313 7°C/min 500lbs.
F-144-CHV-25-25 72x72x48/183x183x122 144/4,078 5°C/min 350lbs.
F-144-CHV-30-30 72x72x48/183x183x122 144/4,078 6°C/min 600lbs.
Temperature/Humidity and Vibration Testing
Model Interior Dimensions
w/h/d inches/cm
Cubic Feet/Liters
Air Change Rates*
-54°C to 71°C
F-16-CHMV-5-5 28x28x36/71x71x91 16/453 5°C/min 50lbs.
F-40-CHMV-7.5-7.5-2 40x40x44/102x102x112 40/1,132 5°C/min 100lbs.
F-40-CHMV-15-15-2 40x40x44/102x102x112 40/1,132 5°C/min 400lbs.
F-40-CHMV-25-25-2 40x40x44/102x102x112 40/1,132 10°C/min 250lbs.
F-52-CHMV-7.5-7.5-2 54x38x44/137x97x112 52/1,473 5°C/min 50lbs.
F-52-CHMV-25-25-2 54x38x44/137x97x112 52/1,473 5°C/min 400lbs.
F-74-CHMV-25-25-2 54x54x44/137x137x112 74/2,096 5°C/min 400lbs.
F-94-CHMV-25-25-2 54x54x56/137x137x142 94/2,662 5°C/min 350lbs.
F-126-CHMV-25-25-3 72x54x56/183x137x142 126/3,568 5°C/min 300lbs.
F-136-CHMV-25-25-3 78x54x56/198x137x142 136/3,852 5°C/min 300lbs.
F-168-CHMV-25-25-3 72x72x56/183x183x142 168/4,758 5°C/min 250lbs.
Rapid and Super AGREE Temperature and Vibration Testing
RA-32-CHV-25-25 40x40x36/102x102x91 32/906 18°C/min 200lbs.
SA-36-CHV-30-30 42x42x36/107x107x91 36/1,040 30°C/min 250lbs.
RA-42-CHV-30-30 54x38x36/137x97x91 42/1,189 20°C/min 250lbs.
RA-70-CHV-30-30 54x54x42/137x137x107 70/2,011 13°C/min 300lbs.
Multi-Pane viewing window Air cooled condenser
Product Temperature Control Dry Air Purge
Removable Chamber Floor for integration with shakers / shock m/c. Multiple door(s) types – sliding / vertical lift
Access ports / Port Holes LN2 Boost Cooling
Therm-Alarm™ – Independent hi /low protection device Humidity Purification System
Height adjustment for integration with shaker / slip table Thermo-Trimmer – A high temperature stabilization unit designed to conserve energy
12” color touchscreen Programmer Controller Electrical Outlets
Remote Refrigeration Package
Electrical Service 115 / 230/415 V, 50 or  60 Hz with AC 1 or 3 Phase CE and CSA Compliant

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. Special order options are available, please check with us.