Parabolics,Sectors, Flat Panels and Omins 

Parabolic Antennas – Reflector sizes 1ft – 8ft Sector Antennas Flat Panel Antennas
parabolic-antennas sector-antennas flat-panel-antennas

  • SP Series 1.3 GHz — 7GHz, ideally suited for unlicensed applications
  • HP Series – 2.1GHz to 86Ghz, ideal for licensed applications highly congested environments
  • SHP Ser/es — 6GHz — 8GHz, best choice for challenging environments

  • 2.4Ghz — 5.8GHz unlicensed, 10GHz — 30GHz licensed
  • Ideal for Point-to-Multipoint applications

  • Available from 4.4GHz to 5GHz
  • Light weight, low profile suitable for vehicle application