CAT III Compatible High Voltage Data Logger

Graphtec GL2000 data logger is used for line voltage monitoring and dynamic high speed measurement applications for industrial, transportation and manufacturing facilities.

GL2000 offers a maximum input voltage rating of Category III-rated 600 V True-RMS measurement in monitoring electrical signals connected to most distribution panels, circuit breakers and heavy equipment in industrial and manufacturing facilities.

GL2000 midi LOGGER HV complies with EN61010-1:2010 3rd standard adhering to the Category III 600 V working voltage (DC or AC-rms to ground) with peak transient voltage of 6,000 V. The unit has a withstand voltage of AC/DC 5,400 V for maximum one minute between channel-to-GND and channel-to-channel.

GL2000 is capable of sampling at 1MS/sec (or 1μs) on all four channels. This allows measurement of unique testing criteria for those problems and troubleshooting in research and development phases that require fine-tuning of AC or DC-driven motor systems. Along with monitoring temperature, pressure, flow and various other sensor signals, the pre-trigger recorder feature of GL2000 enables recording of transient data.

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